Summer 2019 Updates!
This is the second issue of the SolarSPELL newsletter, a quarterly issue that includes updates on current projects and other relevant news to keep you up-to-speed on all things SolarSPELL.
What is SolarSPELL?

SolarSPELL is a portable solar-powered digital library designed for resource-constrained locations. The SolarSPELL digital library provides locally-relevant, open-access, educational resources that are broadcast over an offline WiFi hotspot – to which any WiFi-enabled device can connect. SolarSPELL libraries mimic an online experience to help build information literacy and technology skills in a safe, offline environment. 

In five years, the SolarSPELL Initiative has distributed hundreds of digital libraries to communities in nine countries that have limited access to or no Internet connectivity. To read about our latest projects, including our most recent deployment in South Sudan, click HERE.

SolarSPELL Launches Training Center and SolarSPELL Health in Juba, South Sudan

Members of the SolarSPELL team traveled to Juba, South Sudan for two weeks in July 2019. There were two main purposes of this trip: first, to launch the SolarSPELL Training Center at Juba Girls School with EmpowerKids - South Sudan, and second, to gauge interest levels, identify potential partners, and lay the groundwork for developing SolarSPELL Health in South Sudan.

Education for Humanity: Powered by SolarSPELL Pilot Launch in Uganda 

At the end of April, SolarSPELL’s Sustainable Implementation Lead, Chloe Scott, traveled to Nakivale Refugee settlement in Uganda – alongside Arizona State University's  Education for Humanity team – to help launch the Education for Humanity: Powered by SolarSPELL pilot agribusiness course. 
SolarSPELL's First Local Implementation Site at Tonto Creek Camp 
At the end of May, members of the SolarSPELL team returned to Tonto Creek Camp (TCC), SolarSPELL’s first Arizona implementation site, for the official pilot launch of the AZ Natural Resources library. The library resources will enhance TCC’s educational modules and outdoor STEM-related activities through a variety of interactive and engaging digital content and applications. The pilot will resume in Fall 2019. 
On the Horizon:

Members of the SolarSPELL team will return to Fiji in August for an expanded training with Peace Corps volunteers, local counterpart teachers, and local librarians. 

In September, the team returns to Comoros for a second year, with a 2-day training planned with Peace Corps volunteers and local counterpart teachers. 

In October, we will launch SolarSPELL's fourth year in Vanuatu, working with both health and education Peace Corps volunteers. 

South Sudan   
The US Embassy is supporting SolarSPELL's expansion to four additional secondary schools in the Juba area. Stay tuned for what is to come!
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